Travel back in time with Google Street View

Mountain View, Calif. — Google Maps has just released an update to their popular Street View feature using a very familiar pop-culture icon. Enlisting the assistance of "Doc Brown Pegman", Google now allows users to navigate back in time to witness new buildings rise, seasons change, and the world spin forward via Google Maps dating back to the feature's 2007 debut.

Whenever the new clock icon appears in the upper left-hand portion of the Street View image, strike it with a bolt of lightning click it with your mouse to travel back in time and see that same location over the past seven years in 360° immersive views.

Among the countless number of historical locations one can visit remotely, virtual time travelers can now go back in time to visit several popular Back to the Future filming locations, including Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall, the railroad crossing where the DeLorean was destroyed, and Hill Valley High School.


There's no need to travel 88 mph in the DeLorean: You can now use Google Maps to virtually explore Hill Valley as it stands today — and, as it once was.

Happy time traveling!