Great Scott! Now you can build your own Back to the Future DeLorean

Eaglemoss Collections, the UK’s leading publisher of partworks and collections, is launching a unique and exciting product. The Build the Back to the Future DeLorean collectors’ magazine series gives readers the opportunity, week-by-week, to piece together a beautiful 1:8 scale replica of the iconic car from the Back to the Future movies, the DeLorean DMC-12.

The model, which will be available from 26th December, is made of die-cast metal and high-quality ABS. It is packed with details and forms an extremely accurate representation of the original car, including working interior and exterior lights, the iconic gullwing doors and a careful replica of the time machine components on the back. To achieve this, Eaglemoss collaborated with Joe Walser, who restored the original time machine for Universal Pictures.

In the past, Eaglemoss has released a number of successful and distinctive collectors’ series, including the Aston Martin DB5 and Nissan GTR.

Ben Robinson, head of Eaglemoss’s Men’s Licensed projects, commented:

“Few films are as iconic and loved as Back to the Future, and it’s a real pleasure to have worked on the model which is a thing of beauty. Not only does our new partwork collection give long-time fans the chance to have their own time machine, it takes something you’ve loved and makes it real.”

“As with all of our products, an enormous amount of research went into the model and we owe a massive debt to our consultant Joe Walser who rebuilt the original car from the movie and knows more about it than anyone else alive. All-importantly the DeLorean model is remarkably simple to build. We are confident that this new collectors’ series will gives anyone who builds it an enormous amount of pleasure and give them something to be proud of.”

Eaglemoss’s DMC-12 DeLorean model can be purchased via the website, or weekly in WHSmith, all good Newsagents and Morrisons. For more information, visit:; Facebook: Eaglemoss Collections; Twitter: @EaglemossLtd; #buildbttf

Publisher: Eaglemoss Ltd.
Frequency: Weekly
On sale: 26th December 2016
Price:    First issue £1.99/ issue 2 £4.99, 3 onwards, £8.99
Built over 130 weekly stages, the collection will be available in newsagents, supermarkets, kiosks and via subscription from the 26th December 2016.

The DMC-12 DeLorean
The model is a scale replica of Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future trilogy. It is 1:8 scale, and is principally constructed of die-cast metal. All Doc’s modifications have been carefully recreated from the nuclear reactor to the cables on the floor, and the model has a wealth of lights. Readers are even given the option to build the versions that appeared in the sequels.

About Eaglemoss
Eaglemoss Collections is a publishing group specialising in partworks and male licensed collectibles. It is one of the largest businesses globally within the industry, with subsidiaries in, France, Brazil, Japan, USA, and Russia

It has more than 70 collections running worldwide, which equates to 200 live titles, and its products are distributed through kiosks, supermarkets and over the internet in over 30 national markets.