Racing against time, Universal Studios and 'Back to the Future' fans work together to save the original DeLorean Time Machine

Los Angeles, Calif. – Filmmaker Steve Concotelli proudly announces the release of the official trailer and Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming documentary, OUT OF TIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine.

OUT OF TIME… tells the incredible comeback story of the world's most famous movie car – the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.  Plagued by souvenir hunters, rats, and the elements, this cinematic icon seemed destined for the junkyardOut of Time… chronicles the efforts of Back to the Future Co-creator / Producer Bob Gale, Universal Studios, and the trilogy’s dedicated fan community as they tirelessly work together to bring the Time Machine back to life.

"Restoring the DeLorean Time Machine was a huge passion of mine," states Gale.  "And making a movie about the restoration was a huge passion of Steve’s."

OUT OF TIME… is the official documentary of the Time Machine Restoration.  Working closely with the Restoration Team Lead Joe Walser, Concotelli was granted exclusive behind-the-scenes access for the entire multi-year restoration.  Walser and his team of experts had one singular goal – restore the car with 100% accuracy. Every bolt. Every detail. Exactly like it was in the movie.

"It’s easy to make a time machine. It’s nearly impossible to do it right," admits Walser.

Concotelli also interviewed dozens of people involved with the restoration and the Back to the Future franchise - including Gale, Walser, John Murdy, Michael Scheffe, Michael Lantieri, Kevin Pike, members of the Restoration Team, fans, and many more.

"The DeLorean Time Machine is the greatest comeback story in movie prop history," boasts Concotelli.  "'Out of Time…’ will tell that story."

The documentary's new Kickstarter campaign features an introduction from Gale and Concotelli, along with a brand new trailer for the film.  The filmmakers are seeking $25,000 to complete post production of the film, which will premiere later this year.  More information can be found on the film’s official website,


About Steve Concotelli
For over 20 years, Steve has been making award winning television. During his career he has worked in every aspect of production - working his way up to Executive Producer. Steve has helped create over 500 hours of television with content partners including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Discovery Channel, TruTV, CMT, Spike, G4 and others.

About Joe Walser
Joe Walser has decades of film production experience under his belt and quickly worked his way up the ranks of the Art Department to Production Designer.  His pet project to build himself a DeLorean Time Machine quickly became his passion.  Joe’s realized goal was to build the first truly accurate DeLorean Time Machine replica.  His first Time Machine is currently on display in a museum in Santiago, Chile.  His second, is the official car used by Universal Studios for all their official media projects.  Joe’s professional background and team building skills, not to mention his relentless quest for uncompromising accuracy and loyalty to the Back to the Future franchise made him the perfect candidate to head the screen-used, hero DeLorean Time Machine restoration project for Bob Gale and Universal Studios.