"We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy" to be published by Plume Books June 2015

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the wildly successful and beloved Back to the Future trilogy, just in time for the 30th anniversary

New York, New York – Long before Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled through time in a flying DeLorean, director Robert Zemeckis, and his friend and writing partner Bob Gale, worked tirelessly to break into the industry with a hit. During their journey to realize their dream, they encountered unprecedented challenges and regularly took the difficult way out.

For the first time ever, the story of how these two young filmmakers struck lightning is being told by those who witnessed it. We Don’t Need Roads includes original interviews with Zemeckis, Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Huey Lewis, and over fifty others who contributed to one of the most popular and profitable film trilogies of all time.

"Caseen Gaines has written a very compelling and enjoyable history of our trilogy", stated Bob Gale, co-creator, co-producer, and co-writer of the Back to the Future trilogy. "For me, reading it was like going back in time. And – Great Scott! – there were even a few anecdotes that I'd never heard!"

"The most enlightening and informative book I've read since Grays Sports Almanac. Every true fan of the Holy Trilogy should own a copy...it's your density," says Ernest Cline, New York Times bestselling author of Ready Player One.
With a focus not only on the movies, but also the lasting impact of the franchise and its fandom, We Don’t Need Roads is the ultimate read for anyone who has ever wanted to ride a Hoverboard, hang from the top of a clock tower, travel through the space-time continuum, or find out what really happened to Eric Stoltz after the first six weeks of filming. We Don’t Need Roads also includes rare and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photographs and production art.
“Working on this book has been an exhilarating ride – probably just as exciting as trying to get a steam engine up to 88mph or trying to harness 1.21 gigawatts of lightning,” author Caseen Gaines said. “My goal was to tell stories that haven’t been told before, so fans will discover something new, whether they haven’t seen the movies in a while or have studied every detail over the past thirty years. Those who love the franchise are going to enjoy all the new material covered in the book.”

"We Don't Need Roads is the truly fascinating story of how one of America's greatest movie franchises came to be", states Adam F. Goldberg, creator of ABC's The Goldbergs.  "Caseen Gaines' in-depth research and unprecedented look at Robert Zemeckis' series proves that the journey to make a perfect movie is anything but perfect. It's a must read for any true Back to the Future lover and anyone who wants to peek behind the curtain to see how films get made."

We Don’t Need Roads is arriving at 88mph on June 23, 2015 from Plume (Penguin Books). Pre-order today at the following online retailers:


Caseen Gaines is a popular culture historian. He is the author of Inside Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Untold, Unauthorized, and Unpredictable Story of a Pop Phenomenon, which received the 2012 Independent Publisher's Book Award - Silver Medal in the Popular Culture / Leisure category, as well as A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic. Caseen also directs theater and teaches high school English in New Jersey, where he lives. He aspires to be a Renaissance Man.

His latest book — We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy — is available for pre-ordering right now.