Unlock the mysteries of the Space/Time Continuum


The Making Of Back To The Future…The Ride


ORLANDO, Fla.--Imagine the most intense and enveloping multi-sensory motion picture experience possible. Engulfed in cold fog. Blasting through the space/time continuum. Breaking into an other-worldly dimension. Free falling down volcanic tunnels aflame with molten lava. Cascading over glacial ice fields. Colliding with prehistoric dinosaurs. Catapulting and careening through the past, present and future in a Time Vehicle to stop a villain and prevent him from changing destiny. BACK TO THE FUTURE...THE RIDE, officially premiering to the public at Universal Studios Florida on Thursday, May 2, defies the imagination.

"BACK TO THE FUTURE...THE RIDE brings together the most dynamic motion base with sophisticated hydraulics, multi-channel sound, live effects and a groundbreaking OMNIMAX® film to create a total sensory impact experience never before achieved in any media or studio attraction," said Terry Winnick, the ride's producer and vice president of special projects for Universal Studios Florida.

"Whatever you see on the screen you will also feel," adds Winnick. State-of-the-art special effects give the illusion of time travel. "This is a new dimension of thrills and excitement that must be experienced to believe," said Douglas Trumbull of Berkshire Ridefilm, who directed the four-minute, multi-million dollar special effects ride film which is a pivotal part of this cutting-edge simulator "ride experience." Trumbull's other special effects directorial credits include "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

BACK TO THE FUTURE...THE RIDE continues the record-breaking movie trilogy, "Back To The Future," about time travel, directed by Robert Zemeckis, scored by Alan Silvestri and starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and Thomas Wilson as Biff Tannen, the nastiest villain of all time.

In this chapter, the eccentric Doc Brown, master of time travel, is at home conducting experiments in his new laboratory, the "Institute of Future Technology." Doc has just created his most futuristic invention yet -- a convertible, eight-passenger Time Vehicle that's faster and more energy efficient than his earlier time machine. But what's this? Jumping jigowatts! Biff Tannen is loose in the "Institute of Future Technology" and threatens to end the universe as we know it. With no time to lose, you'll jump into the driver's seat on the most mind-blowing, pulse racing, barrier-breaking journey of your life. Doc will guide you by remote control as you careen your way through time in pursuit of the evil Biff.

The chase is on. Engulfed in three-dimensional images, you fly into the futuristic Hill Valley of "Back To The Future II," circa 2015, and blast through the eons to the chilling Ice Age. With dizzying speed, you thunder through caverns, crevasses and canyons of sheer, jagged ice, collide with a glacier and explode into the Volcanic Era. Up, up you fly, propelled through the immense open mouth of Tyrannosaurus Rex, erupting through a volcano and plunging over the edge of a molten lava fall in a sheer vertical drop.

"BACK TO THE FUTURE ... THE RIDE is one of the most spectacular and sophisticated ride experiences ever created," said Tom Williams, president and chief operating officer of Universal Studios Florida. "One of seven new blockbuster attractions being added to the studio this year, BACK TO THE FUTURE...THE RIDE gives thrill-seekers a reason to return to Universal Studios Florida," he adds.

BACK TO THE FUTURE...THE RIDE, with creative direction from Steven Spielberg, is the result of extraordinary and unique breakthrough technology, which combines OMNIMAX® 70mm film projected on seven-story high hemispherical screens, multi-channel sound and powerful hydraulically-activated dynamic motion. Every aspect of the film, simulator vehicle motion, live effects and sound has been integrated to send you time-traveling into the stratosphere of cinematic excitement. It's never been done before. And there's only one place on earth that it can be experienced--Universal Studios Florida.

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