Vehicle Specifications


DeLorean Motor Cars, LTD. — Dunmurry, Northern Ireland






Type: Aluminum alloy 90% V6, two overhead camshafts
Displacement: 2.85 litres. Bore & Stroke: 91x73mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5.1
Block Construction: Light alloy w/cast iron cyl. liners
Cylinder Heads: Light alloy, cross-flow, hemi-chambers
Cooling System: Water/Ethylene Glycol, radiator forward w/twin thermostatically controlled fans
Fuel System: C.I.S. Fuel-injected Bosch K-Jetronic
Ignition System: Breakerless, electronic Bosch


Engine Location: Rear-mounted
Transmission: 5-speed, fully synchronized
Final Drive: Trans-axle/dlb. Univ. half-shafts, ratio 3.44:1


Construction: Structural-composite single piece underbody w/corrosion free outer body panels: Brushed stainless steel Grade 304


Construction: Epoxy coated corrosion resistant box section backbone, with "Y" shaped sub-frames carrying the power train assemblies and the 4-wheel independent suspension. Also incorporating controlled deformation crush tubes.


Front: Compliant, unequal length wishbones and coil boxed spring, telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar.
Rear: Compliant diagonal trailing radius arms with upper and lower links, coil spring with telescopic shock absorbers.


Type: Rack and pinion, designed neutral to mild under-steer 3.5'/10.7m turning circle. Lock to lock 3.2 turns.


Front/Rear: Power assisted 4-wheel discs. Front swept area 279 sq.ins./180x103mm. Rear swept area 262 sq.ins./169x103mm.


Front/Rear: Cast light-alloy
Front: 14"/357mm dia. x 6"/152mm wide
Rear: 15"/381mm dia. X 8"/203mm wide


Front/Rear: Steel Belted Radial Goodyear Formula 1 Rain Tread. Sized for balanced cornering power, front and rear
Front: 195/60 x 14 on 6"/152mm rims
Rear: 235/60 x 15 HR on 8"/203mm rims


Wheelbase: 94.8"/2408mm
Track Front/Rear: Front 62.6"/1590mm. Rear: 62.5"/1588mm
Length: 14'/4267mm. Width: 78.3"/1990mm overall
Height: 44.88"/1140mm Doors closed. 77.20"/1962mm Doors opened
Weight: 2743 lbs./1244 kg
Fuel Capacity: 10.8 lmp. Gals./49 litres
Fuel Consumption (approx): 22.5 m.p. lmp. gal./15.7 L/100 km. Highway – 35 m.p. lmp. gal./10.1 L/100 km
Luggage Capacity: 14 cu.ft./0.4m per 3
Acceleration (approx.): 60 mph, 7.8 secs. 100 kph, 7.5 secs
Water Capacity: 25/8 lmp. gals./12 litres
Oil Capacity: 11.5 lmp. pts./6.5 litres SAE 20/40
Gearbox Capacity: 6.5 lmp. pts./3.7 litres
Maximum Speed: approximately 135 mph/220 kph with time circuits and Flux Capacitor disengaged. Precisely 88.0 mph/141.622 kph with time circuits turned on and Flux Capacitor... fluxing.
Bumper Material: Semi-rigid Polyurethane
Sills & Spoiler: Semi-rigid Polyurethane


Brushed stainless steel body panels
Counter-balanced gull-wing doors with cryogenically pre-set torsion bars
Leather seats
Air conditioning
Four-speaker, high output stereo system
Power windows
Adjustable steering wheel
Electric door mirrors
Full instrumentation
Electrical central locking system
Tinted glass


Flux Capacitor
Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor
TFC Drive Circuits Switch
Time Circuits Settings Display Monitor
Input Keypad
Light Water "Street Legal" Nuclear Reactor Core
Digital Speedometer
Overhead Console
Cabin Oxygen Tank
Liquid Oxygen Chambers
Main and Secondary Breakers
Forward Temporal Demodulation Coils
Aft Temporal Demodulation Coils
Computer Interlock Hub
High Pressure Hydro Turbine Generator
High Pressure Steam Vents
Status Array
Vehicle Control Meters and Warning Lights
Water Tank
Coil Modulation and Interlock Electronics
Fuel Element - Lock and Feed Hopper
Coil Driver
Control Rod Crank Shaft Housing
Steering / Flight Controls
Primary and Secondary Lift Thrusters


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